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    Agent recharge and cylinder recovery service

    1. Service included:

    * Agent Recharge

    * Agent Recharged:FM-200 (HFC227ea), Novec1230, Nitơ (IG-100), Argonite (IG-55), Inergen (IG-541),CO2…

    * Cylinder Recovery

    * Providing spare parts

    2. Features:

    * Specialized Agent recharge equipments fromUS

    * Gas from manufacturers

    * 24/7 Service

    * Providing occasional agent recharge & recovery service

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    Maintenance service for firefighting system

    Fire protection system can not operate efficiently in the event of fire if it is not maintained periodically and permanently. When the user focus only on the fire protection system in the construction stage, not on maintenance for system in next stages, it can affect directly not only to quality and operating efficiency of the systems, but also security of construction and human in construction in a event of fire.

    Our engineer team will assist customers in maintaining as well as operation training the fire protection system efficiently with the most reasonable cost

    Typical project

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    Local consulting service for firefighting system

    In according to Decree 35/2003/NĐ-CP and 46/2012/NĐ-CP: “The construction project, design and planning, new construction design, investment projects, construction use purpose transformation or changes, construction items (hereinafter referred to as projects and constructions) from every investment capital sources must comply with the technical regulations and standards of fire prevention and firefighting”. This compliance must be ensured through from the design, equipment procurement, construction until the completion of project and put into use. Fire police agencies will be responsible for checking, controlling and approving fire protection system of construction to meet TCVN requirements.

    With many year experience improving in many big project from commerce to industry in the fire protection field, Vietsafe proud of professional consultant and engineer team. We will supply to customer the best consultancies and supports in order that your construction/project are always in safety and in accordance with Vietnamese fire protection standard requirements in all stage

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    Design consulting service for firefighting system

    The fire protection system design always go hand in hand with the basic design and technical design of commercial and industrial construction
    Vietsafe design team who are trained and fully certified according to the law,involved in the design of big also small projects, both domestic and abroad. We believe will bring satisfaction and peace of mind for customers to cooperate.

    Process of Approval
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