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Mobile Equipment
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Mobile Equipment

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  • Chemguard mobile foam equipment – designed and engineered to customers’ specifications – are found in a wide variety of critical applications, from tank farms, mines, marine operations, and airports to municipal fire departments and transportation facilities.

    1.    Foam Trailers

    Chemguard designs and manufactures self-contained, single-, dual-, and triple-tote foam trailers for a wide range of demanding fire-suppression and vapor-control applications. Our wide variety of options include variable inlet connections, foam concentrate pumps and piping, proportioning equipment, and self-educting nozzles. Chemguard also offers a full range of direct-injection foam trailers and foam tenders.

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    2.    Mobile Foam Cart

    The Chemguard Mobile Foam Cart is designed to hold 36 gallons of fire fighting foam concentrate and contains a 95-gpm in-line eductor, a 95-gpm handline nozzle and 50 feet of 1½" rubber lined single jacket fire hose.  The ease of handling and mobility of the foam cart makes this a very effective fire-fighting unit for flammable liquid fires.  To place the unit in operation, connect a length of 1½" fire hose from a suitable water supply source to the in-line eductor inlet. Note: The in-line eductor design point is 95 gpm at 200 psi.  Any reduction in pressure at the in-line eductor inlet will create a corresponding decrease in flow.  The tank is manufactured of reinforced fiberglass, which makes the unit suitable for use with all types of foam concentrates and environments.

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